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Use and maintenance of car wipers

Date: 2017-04-18 source: wipershs

  How to use wipers correctly
  1, to ensure that the front of the glass surface wiping the wiper wiping part of the water from the natural rubber material, in the case of the former windshield is very dry wipe, will be too much friction and rubbed the rubber surface, thus affecting the wipe Effect, so be sure to ensure that the front surface of the glass surface in the case of water to use car wipers.
  2, the timely cleaning of the wipes and glass on the surface attached to the attached material in the car wipers work to be cleaned before the glass surface and wipes attached to the strip of impurities, because these impurities will work in the wiper, increase the rubber with the glass Between the friction, so as to block the rubber or scratch the glass surface, there is not clear the phenomenon of scraping.
  3, set up when the rain when the rain wiper set the wiper will stand up, do not let the tape and glass surface contact, especially the long-term state of the car should not stand up to the wiper, trapped for the parking between the strip and the glass surface Will be covered with dust, impurities, when the use of wipers, these dust, impurities will be forced to scratch the friction strip or glass surface, thus affecting the effect of wiping; when the car parked, the engine a lot of heat from the engine cover And evaporates upwards, and if the wiper blades are not lifted, the wipers will be accelerated.
  4, the daily clean up the glass surface daily car wash, to clean up the front surface of the glass attached to the grease or dirt, so that the front surface of the glass surface clean no attachments, otherwise attached to the front surface of the glass stains or dirt will cause wipers The film beating in the process of beating, sound and so on.
  5, to avoid chemical erosion such as glass water and other chemicals will erode the tape, to speed up the aging of the strip, so the front windshield to try not to use chemical scrub, even if used, but also should not let the chemical substances and strip contact The
  6, carefully clean the strip to clean the wiper blade when the tape gently wipe with a soft cloth or rinse with water, to avoid the use of improper rags or excessive use of large surface abrasions or wrinkles and affect the use of the effect.
  Regular inspection: Check the wiper method is very simple, spray some cleaning fluid, and then start the wiper, pay attention to its action is smooth, pay attention to whether there is a large "scratch" sound, if any, said wiper Too much pressure to the glass, then you must make the appropriate adjustment. When the wiper sweeps one or two times to see if there is water left on the windshield, and observe whether it will leave some scratches, if it is obvious to see, it means that the wiper on the wiper tape has been Aging, you should replace the new tape.
  To avoid prolonged exposure: to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun can make the wiper longer life, a little car is very important to note: the discovery of dust on the glass, often only open the wiper sweep the sand trouble, this is very Wrong, the fact that this would greatly damage the wiper 's strips and the car glass. So before opening, may wish to spray a little cleaning solution, of course, better artificial cleaning. Maintenance of the wiper also pay attention to maintaining a good car sprinkler system: adding neutral, decontamination, lubrication of the cleaning agent; bad cleaning solution will corrode the water system, wiper and automotive finish. Timely water, to avoid waterjet motor no load.
  Away from the oil: because the oil on the glass after the water is easy to condense into water droplets, in addition to not go, prone to water phenomenon. Similarly, the car windshield or wiper accidentally encountered grease, it will not clean the rain rain. Although the wiper is placed on the windshield, but the daily maintenance of people is very easy to turn a blind eye, if found on the glass with grease, car wash with glass cleaning fluid is best to wipe the wiper and glass.

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