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What is the general life of a car wiper?

Date: 2017-04-18 source: wipershs

  Generally 1 year to 2 years or so need to maintain their own, wiper recommended maintenance cycle for 6 months or 1 million km, in fact, the value of the wiper with the normal working life is consistent with most of the wiper. Since the windshield is often fought side by side with the wiper, maintenance of the washer with the wiper is essential.
  Typically, the wiper blade has a 4 to 6 suspension gripping point. If one of the gripping points is not flexible enough, it will affect the fit of the wiper and windshield, resulting in a lower performance of the wiper. When the hanging hinge stuck failure, the serious deformation of the wiper blade will even lose the normal wiping function. However, in practice, it is difficult to articulate the rotation of the articulation to make accurate qualitative judgments, so the replacement of the entire wiper blade is a safe and reliable maintenance strategy. When replacing the wiper blade, be sure to follow the principle of pairing, because it is conducive to the realization of wiper blade synchronous wear and clear view of the same height. In the maintenance of the front windshield wiper, you can not ignore the car's tail wiper.
  Car wiper replacement time is not necessarily, according to the quality of the wiper is good or bad, the use of the environment, different degrees of maintenance, wiper replacement time is not the same. The most important indicator is to look at your wiper scraping dry and not clean when there is no water mark? Car wipers after a long time sun exposure, the baptism of rain, itself has some "tired", resulting in wiper scraping clean. In order to ensure a good vision, usually wipers used for half a year to need to be replaced once a year, but there are some quality brands can be used for a longer time, such as Bosch wiper Belgium factory wings no bone series, Plant out of the bone series wiper and so on. In the maintenance of the car wiper when we can pull up the wipers, with your fingers in the clean wiping rubber touched, check whether there is damage and rubber leaf elasticity. If the leaves aging, hardening, cracks, the wiper chip on the need for timely replacement. The better the quality of the wiper, the longer it can be used.

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