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Car wiper knock or sound big 3 strokes to solve your use for 2 years

Date: 2017-04-18 source: wipershs

  The wipers are actually the most annoying, especially the friends of the South, rain all year round. When it rains, it is found that the wipers are not clean, but also their own beating, there are always rain is very vague spots?
  High speed are afraid to open, how is this, do the rain in the south there is glue, the North does not meet the car? Later learned:
  First, forget to add glass of water, and when walking and glass water mixed look, add a little pure water, decontamination capacity decline.
  Second, all the way bumps, the road on the larger oil, no wonder hanging is not clean, this time the best use, washing powder, detergent wash a glass of wash before they can.
  Three for the middle for a spare rain wiper, slightly better.
  Speaking of car wipers, often encounter small problems, to solve big things! When the wiper is moving in a certain direction, it is bouncing on the glass. This is usually the case of wipes on both sides of the groove there is sand, so that it can not be normal deformation and maintain the correct angle with the glass.
  First, in the case of dry wipers, wipers will be moved to the maintenance position, lift the problem of the wiper, wrist to the left and right wipes several times, the general can be squeezed out of the groove in the sand.
  Second, the wiper is moist, then use a trumpet word screwdriver, along the wipes on both sides of the trench from scratch to the end, or fine sandpaper, pull about to solve!
  Third, there is a wiper on the rubber clip on the more loose, with a needle nose pliers to the joints and clip the rubber film at the gap can be clamped. After the rain brush, the glass left on the oily water film, sound rippling. The front windshield on the oil, wipers can not close the glass, causing the sound violent. With the glass water, washing the spirit, against the detergent cleaning solution is also OK, spray the outer surface of the glass before, and then start with a wiper, while pouring some water in the previous file to help clean.
  After the rain brush, the front window leaves the curved watermark to influence the line of sight. Mainly wipes and glass contact surface sticky dirt, resulting in rain cloth can not close to the glass.
  First, if the wipers are dry, first spray some glass of water or pour their own water to make it wet, the wiper moved to the maintenance position, lift the problem wipers, with a clean paper towel wiping the wiper and glass contact surface , Wipe off dirt, you can solve.
  Second, if there is still a slight watermark, with No. 7 sandpaper, fine sandpaper, stained with water, gently polished from top to bottom several times, pay attention to force evenly, you can completely solve the problem.
  to sum up:
  First, the wiper is a consumable, a bone rain brush Ye Hao, no bone rain brush worth mentioning, usually 3-12 months will change, more quality and use, timely replacement.
  Second, there is a small skill to eliminate the wiper blade vibration and noise, with the pliers to the joints and clip the rubber film at the gap can be small.
  Three is to remember not to dry scraping, so that the glass on the sand will accelerate the damage wipers, shorten the replacement cycle, the impact of the critical moment to use!
  Fourth, the wiper is not only when the rain is used, especially in North China, often haze sand, with the frequency will be higher, will accelerate the replacement cycle. 

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