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Rainy day wiper does not move the cause and treatment

Date: 2017-04-18 source: wipershs

  Rainy days, will encounter the car wiper does not move, or do not work, and can be handled from the following aspects:
  1. Please refer to the manual manual to find out what type of wiper is used.
  2. Pay attention to the way the pole is connected to the wiper arm. Because some of the arm is fixed to the rocker with screws, and some are locked with a convex button.
  3. Pull the wiper and touch with your fingers to check for damage to the rubber and rubber wipes after cleaning and the elasticity of the rubber and rubber blades. If the leaves are aged, hardened or cracked, the wiper is broken.
  4. In the test, the wiper switch switch placed in a variety of speed positions, check the different speed under the wiper whether to maintain a certain speed. Especially in the intermittent work state, but also pay attention to whether the wiper in the movement to maintain a certain speed.
  5. Check the wiper status and whether the wiper pole is uneven or wiping. If the following three conditions, this wiper failed:
  One is not smooth swing, wiper is not normal beating;
  Second, the rubber contact surface and the glass surface can not be fully fit, and produce wipe residue;
  Third, after wiping the glass surface showed water film state, the glass produces fine stripes, fog and linear residue.
  6. In the test should pay attention to the motor with or without abnormal noise, in particular, should be noted that when the wiper motor "buzzing" sound and will not turn. This means that the wiper mechanical transmission part of the rust or stuck place, then immediately turn off the wiper switch switch to prevent burning the motor.
  7. Some people think that the longer the length of the wiper, brush the larger the area, the better vision. In fact, the wiper blade is not the longer the better. The length of the wiper blade can increase the visible range of the field of view, but the relative increase in the burden of the wiper motor and the wiper rod. Of course, to be lengthened of course, but to ensure that the wiper can not be prevented from working properly.

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