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Wipers appear these problems, really a headache!

Date: 2017-04-18 source: wipershs

  The wiper is a commonly used body attachment for cars and is mainly used to wind rain on windshields and used to wash windshields. In the rainy day, its role is irreplaceable, is an indispensable part.
  The wiper assembly contains motor, reducer, four-bar mechanism, wiper arm mandrel, wiper blade assembly and so on. Wiper stalls generally contain low-speed, high-speed, intermittent three stalls, the owner can choose according to their needs shift switch.
  What is the wiper water?
  Car wiper water is best to add glass of water, because it is more than antifreeze and cleaning effect; summer can be used bottled pure water, pay attention to add a little better detergent; winter is the best glass of water, as to why I do not have to say The bar
  Wiper classification
  Wiper type can be divided into ordinary wipers, no bone wipers, manual adjustable wipers, with the speed induction wipers, rain induction wipers and so on.
  Ordinary wipers: the most common type of wipers, and more equipped with low-end small displacement and old models, the price is cheaper, easy to replace.
  No bone wipers: the current high-end models in the popular configuration, the use of better quality rubber material, wiping effect is good, as well as mute, sunscreen, anti-corrosion and other characteristics, longer service life.
  Rain wiper
  It can automatically switch according to the size of the rain and adjust the speed of the wiper. When the car in the rain through the tunnel, viaduct or driving speed changes, the driver will not need to frequently adjust the wiper switch and running speed, not only help to improve the vehicle's active safety, better driving comfort and scraper Durability.
  The wiper is abnormal
  First check the wiper blade with or without aging; and then check the wiper arm is connected reliably; check the wiper linkage rod loose; check the wiper motor.
  The wiper is not clean
  Wiper tape is rubber products, often exposed to the sun and rain, there will be aging, cracking and other phenomena, resulting in how to scratch the wiper will have water residue, affecting traffic safety.
  The wiper is used to wipe the water, not used to "scrape mud". So the correct use of wiper, not only to extend the life of the wiper (although a wiper can not value a few money Kazakhstan), the key is to effectively maintain a good line of sight, more conducive to traffic safety.
  1. sunny use wiper to remove the dust on the surface of the windshield, be sure to spray glass of water, can not dry scraping.
  2. There are other stubborn, hard dirt (such as leaves, bird feces, etc.) on the glass and should be cleaned manually. These things are easy to make the wiper blade injured, causing the wiper scraping clean. In severe cases, the wiper's motor will also be affected.
  3. Car wash and daily cleaning Need to lift the wiper blade, to hold the wiper blade "back", put gently when the return, can not snapped the wiper blade back.
  4. Winter use, you should first clean up the windshield on the snow, so as not to increase the burden of wipers.

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