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The operating principle of automobile wipers

Date: 2017-04-18 source: wipershs

  Basic structure of car wipers
  Taking the electric windshield wipers as an example, the basic structure and working principle are introduced.
  Electric windshield wipers are driven by the motor, generally by the wiping brush arm, scraping brush assembly, rubber brush, brush holder, brush holder, wiper arm arm, wiper base, motor , The reduction mechanism, the drive rod system, the drive rod hinge, the wiper switch and the wiper switch knob and so on. Of course, wipers with Wiper wiper, also equipped with electronic control unit ECU. Electric windshield wipers are driven by the motor, the wiper of the wiper is scraped by the wiping brush arm pressed against the outer surface of the windshield, the motor drive deceleration mechanism rotation, and through the drive rod system for reciprocating motion, Driven wiping the brush arm and wiping the brush and parsley right swing, scraper the windshield.
  Car wipers work principle
  The electric motor on the electric wiper drives the output shaft through the worm wheel on the pivot shaft and drives the output gear through the idler and idler shafts, and then the output arm connecting the wiper link by the output shaft. When the motor rotates, the output arm and the link are driven to move in the front and rear direction.
  The resistor on the control switch is connected to the armature winding of the motor to control the speed of the motor. The driver can press the switch as needed to allow the current to flow into the input circuit of the motor.
  The wiper's power source comes from the motor, which is the core of the entire wiper system. The quality requirements of the wiper motor are quite high. It uses DC permanent magnet motor, installed in the front windshield wiper motor and the worm gear machine parts are generally made one. The role of the worm gear mechanism is to slow down the twist, the output shaft drive four-bar linkage mechanism, through the four-bar linkage mechanism to change the continuous rotation of the left and right swing movement.
  The wiper motor uses a 3-brush structure for easy speed change. Intermittent time by the intermittent relay control, the use of the motor's return switch contacts and relay resistance and capacitance of the charge and discharge function of the wiper in accordance with a certain period of scrapping. The wiper blade is a tool that directly removes rain and dirt from the glass. The blade is pressed against the glass surface by means of a spring bar, and its lip must be aligned with the glass angle to achieve the desired performance.
  Under normal circumstances in the car combination switch handle wiper control knob, with low speed, high speed, intermittent 3 stalls. Handle the top is the scrubber key switch, press the switch with a washing water spray, with a wiper wash the windshield. The scrubber system is a very common device on the car. It consists of a water storage tank, a water pump, a water pipe and a water nozzle. One of the storage tank is generally 1.5 to 2 liters of plastic cans, water pump is a micro-electric centrifugal pump, through which the storage tank of the washing water to the nozzle, by 2 to 4 nozzle squeeze Wash the water into a small jet spray to the windshield, with the wiper to play the role of clean windshield.

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