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Introduction and difference of car wiper

Date: 2017-04-18 source: wipershs

Bone wiper
The principle of bone wiper is through the skeleton of a number of support points on the wiper blade pressure on the glass, so that the wiper blade on the support of the pressure on the average, in the course of the use of bone wiping each support point The average pressure, the degree of wear is also average, prone to wiper blade and glass friction between the noise, easy to clean clean impurities.
No wiper wiper
The boneless wiper itself is made up of wiper strips, no wiper blades, wiper jackets and plastic parts. The stent is made of stainless steel, the steel is carbon steel and the length is between 10-28 inches, the thickness is 0.80 ~ 0.90 mm, the width is generally in the range of 7.00 ~ 14.00 mm, and the steel sheet without bone wipes utilizes a whole force Steel strip to disperse the pressure so that the parts of the wiper blade force evenly to achieve the effect of reducing water marks and scratches. The outer layer of the steel sheet is wrapped with an electroplated layer to make it more resistant to rust and no wiper wiper can reduce jitter wear , Uniform force, anti-sun, simple structure, lighter weight and other characteristics.
There is a difference between a bone wiper and a boneless wiper
1, structure
From the structural point of view, is the literal difference, one is a bone wipers, one is no bone wipers, no bone wipers are combined with the advantages of bone and traditional bone to produce, so no bone wipers can also Said with bone steel frame structure.
2, installation
In the installation of the difference between the two wipers are also many, first replace the bone wipers, need a bone wipers with wipers arm replacement, and replace the car without bone wipers, the owner does not need to replace the wiper arm.
3, advantages
If the owner is selected with a bone wipers, then, in addition to economic application, is the structure is simple, in the course of the use of bone wipers of the various support points of the pressure balance, so the relative degree of wear is also an average, so also It is not prone to wipers in the wiper blade and glass friction between the noise, and the use of a bone wiper can be very clean rain.
If the owner chooses a worn-free wiper, the wiper blade is not lifted by the airflow when the vehicle is traveling at high speed, so that the wiping is more clear.
In combination with the above, the wiperless wiper is better than the wiperless wiper, the more fulcrum fulcrums, the more uniform the wiper blade, and the more contact with the glass, the more doc Effect, no bone wiper no stent, the use of the entire wiper blade itself to pressurize, so the equivalent of the wiper blade as a whole is the force point, so no bone wiper compared to the traditional stent bone wiper more effective, At the same time, remove the metal bracket, open the wiper to reduce the impact of driving vision.
In addition, due to the weight loss of the metal bracket, the load on the wiper motor is reduced, and the indirect effect of protecting the motor to extend the service life is also achieved.

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