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Car wiper knock or sound big 3 strokes to solve your use for 2 years

  The wipers are actually the most annoying, especially the friends of the South, rain all year round. When it rains, it is found that the wipers are not clean, but also their own beating, there are always rain is very vague spots?  ...

Introduction and difference of car wiper

Bone wiper The principle of bone wiper is through the skeleton of a number of support points on the wiper blade pressure on the glass, so that the wiper blade on the support of the pressure on the average, in the course of the use of bo...

Use and maintenance of automobile windshield wiper

How to properly use wipers 1, ensure that the front part of the surface of the glass with water to wipe the windshield wiper is made from natural rubber, wipe the windshield in very dry conditions, will be due to excessive friction an...


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