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Use and maintenance of car wipers

  How to use wipers correctly   1, to ensure that the front of the glass surface wiping the wiper wiping part of the water from the natural rubber material, in the case of the former windshield is very dry wipe, will be too much...

Rainy day wiper does not move the cause and treatment

  Rainy days, will encounter the car wiper does not move, or do not work, and can be handled from the following aspects:   1. Please refer to the manual manual to find out what type of wiper is used.   2. Pay attention to ...

Car wiper film purchase skills to pay attention to the four major aspects

  The wiper blades of the car wipers are indispensable equipment for the car, especially in the rainy days and snow days, and its role is more powerful, and the wiper blades also determine the use of the front windshield. It is very i...

Replacement of wipers with car wipes

  Now more and more people like DIY, owners are more and more self maintenance and maintenance, today, we come to summarize the replacement wipers Note:   1, buy matching wipers   Before buying a wiper to determine your ca...

How to protect the rainy day driving vision clear and correct maintenance car wipers

How to ensure proper maintenance of clear vision driving rain rain driving vision clarity is an important guarantee for ensuring the safe driving, we so in order to ensure our driving safety, we should have a good car wiper, wiper to do d...


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