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What is the general life of a car wiper?

  Generally 1 year to 2 years or so need to maintain their own, wiper recommended maintenance cycle for 6 months or 1 million km, in fact, the value of the wiper with the normal working life is consistent with most of the wiper. Since...

Wipers appear these problems, really a headache!

  The wiper is a commonly used body attachment for cars and is mainly used to wind rain on windshields and used to wash windshields. In the rainy day, its role is irreplaceable, is an indispensable part.   Wiper   The wipe...

The operating principle of automobile wipers

  Basic structure of car wipers   Taking the electric windshield wipers as an example, the basic structure and working principle are introduced.   Electric windshield wipers are driven by the motor, generally by the wiping...

Installation of automobile windshield wiper

Car wipers, used in rainy days, refresh the glass surface of the rain, so that the driver's vision clear and open. Driving safety is very important for the driver, the car wipers can reduce traffic accidents, protect people travel saf...


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